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Lady_Noremon's Message Box

Message Box for Lady Norémon
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This is a place to kind of fill in for the now gone Valentinr/Wishroll.

With Valentinr it worked like the old paper bag taped to the front of my desk in elementary school. I posted the link, and anyone could leave me a message either anonymously or not, and on Saint Valentine's Day it would unlock for me to read them.

This won't be locked until a certain date (though I wish another website would get something like that started), but unlike with my other LiveJournals no IP addresses will be logged, My Guests will be left off, unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera, and whut-whut. I'll post an entry for an event and will be there so anyone can leave me a message for said event.

Comments will be screened, but if I respond to any my responses will not be screened.

The General Message Box is {HERE}!